Our good friends! Today is the day we leave Atlantic City and head South. We really can’t express our thanks enough for all the support and love in the past year – now we spin all that energy into something wonderful. Music, Love, and a Freedom we’ve not yet experienced. There are some ways we would like to keep you all posted on our progress and location (ahem….should you wish to book us…). First, here is a link to a live map that gives our location: https://share.delorme.com/JaradAstin . If you’ve received an email from us looking for work and don’t here back right away, a quick look at this might tell you why. We hope to transit from Hampton Bay, VA to the BVI from Nov4 to Nov18. Leave us an email and we’ll get back as soon as possible! Next, we are traveling with the Salty Dawg rally – loaded with over 100 vessels full of folks looking for a change of pace. The rally website is loaded with information, including live tracking and much more, and can be found here: http://saltydawgrally.org/fall-2013-salty-dawg-rally/ . May the wind be at your back, may the sun shine warmly on your face, and may the rain fall gentle upon your fields. More to come soon!Logo 2

Many thanks to our friend, Chris Klein for the amazing artwork!!!


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Hello, I am Jarad Astin from band, Stell & Snuggs.

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  1. Sharon

    Good Day and Happy New Year,

    Just wondering what your cost is for The Kids Show? And also a regular performance for an evening? We are located in the BVI – do you have a work permit to perform?


    1. admin

      Good afternoon, Sharon. I’ll be replying to you via email shortly…oddly, we were anchored about 100yds from you on NYE, and had great fun listening to the party! Talk to you shortly,


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