Fair Winds from the LandYacht “Whispering Wheat” on the macadam seas of the Eastern seaboard! – we’ve got her all dolled up and ship shape, there’s lots of new material we’re bringing along with, some songs and some instrumental pieces, some fun new merch and we’re really excited to hit the road and share all the new music with you all. Our schedule is fantastic – great venues and enough time to get a few days at Sleeping Brotherhood Studios in Denver, CO with our good friend and partner Kyle Jones. Yes , yes – that means we’re working on a new recording project!

   We’ve had many requests from our friends asking for a new record – unfortunately, that is not part of the plan. We’ve decided to change gears a bit and rather move to releasing singles and video projects throughout the year. This format is a great fit for our lifestyle – gypsies that when not on the sea hit the road. It’s part of how things are going in the biz…all the kids are doin’ it and it saves on waste. We’re stoked to have a new focus – change can have a real positive effect on our work if we let it!

 When we get to Colorado we’ll be doing most of the shows with either a trio or quartet – with Scott Messersmith on percussion along with Keith Moseley from the String Cheese Incident and Eric Thorin on bass. It’s really a reflection of how the new recording project will go – a slightly larger format than “Vela,” with an expanded percussion section, bass, and many more surprises. Colorado is really where we first got into producing our own music, and it will be great to be back home at the console again with Kyle.



Photo: James Dewalt Gold Hill Inn, Colorado 2016

  The leadup has been real busy – what with #onecupatatime, our stint from Scotland to Spain with Cpt. Steven on “Falco” and all. These breaks are all really important, though – very few bands or musical acts are on tour for 4 years with no real breaks, and we needed a bit to digest our experiences into new material and just refocus ourselves a bit. This tour is gonna be great, and we’re biting at the bit to get it rolling. Make sure to share the schedule with friends and keep up with us on FB and Instagram for Live Video feeds from shows and sessions, right along with some  surprise material.


We’re heading West…See you at the shows!!!


Stell and Snuggs


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